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Dried White Mulberries

  • Rich source of vitamin C
  • Satisfy a sweet tooth naturally
  • Rich in antioxidants

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  • Rich source of vitamin C
  • Satisfy a sweet tooth naturally
  • Rich in antioxidants

What are Dried White Mulberries?

Dose up on vitamin C whilst enjoying a delicious, healthy snack.  Just a handful of our Dried White Mulberries amounts to nearly the entire daily requirement of this powerful vitamin.
Also providing high concentrations of fibre, B-vitamins, vitamins K, E and A, and a potent blend of phytochemicals, it’s little wonder Dried Mulberries have become a health sensation world over.  Versatile by nature, these delicious berries can be enjoyed in salads, smoothies, healthy bakes or even simply as a snack alone.

What are the benefits of Dried White Mulberries?

  • Rich source of vitamin C
  • Satisfy a sweet tooth naturally
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Gluten free
  • Rich in fibre
  • Vitamins A, B, E and K
  • Rich in antioxidants

How to Enjoy Dried White Mulberries

  • As a snack alone
  • Sprinkle over yogurt
  • Add to morning porridge
  • Smoothies and shakes
  • Toss into salads
  • Bake into muffins, pancakes or bread


What’s Inside?
100% Dried White Mulberries, with no additional ingredients at all.


Freshly Hand-Packed To Order
Each bag of Dried White Mulberries is hand-packed, hand-sealed and hand-stamped for maximum freshness in our iconic re-sealable, foil-lined bags.


Where are Nutriseed Dried White Mulberries Sourced From?

Nutriseed Dried White Mulberries are sourced from Turkey.  The mulberry trees originally arrived in Turkey via China, along the Silk Road, their leaves providing food for silkworms.


Support Local Farming Communities

Mulberries form an important part of Turkey’s history and culture.  In more recent years, younger generations have had to migrate from farming areas towards the city in search of work.  An increasing demand for these delicious berries provides the opportunity for long-held farming traditions to be passed down and helps the younger generations to continue these practices and honour their traditions.

      Energy kJ / Kcal  1518/359
      Carbohydrate 77g
      of which sugars 73g
      Fat 2.9g
      of which saturates 0.5g
      Fibre 5.9g
      Protein 3.5g



      Country of origin: Turkey

      • Bake them into cakes, muffins and bread
      • Add into your morning (or Superfood) Porridge
      • Sprinkle on top of some ice cream or yoghurt
      • Make mulberry flavoured jam *yum*
      • Make a berry salad
      • Take a handful along for a healthy snack

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