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Multi Vitamin and Mineral Tablets

  • Aids weight management
  • Boosts immunity
  • Helps you achieve your recommended vitamin intake
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  • Aids weight management
  • Boosts immunity
  • Helps you achieve your recommended vitamin intake

What are Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Capsules?

Our Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Capsules are a must-have for a busy lifestyle. Each capsule contains over 25+ vitamins, minerals and plant extracts helping to ensure optimal health, year round. Combined, these vitamins and minerals seek to serve each and every corner of the body, contributing to: immunity, heart health, bone density, hormone function, metabolism, cardiovascular, and thyroid function… 

This is no ordinary Multi-Vitamin you’ll find in your local store.  Our team have carefully researched and selected each of the vitamins and minerals to ensure the quantities are spot-on for optimal potency and effect. From helping to nourish the brain to aiding weight management, this friendly bacteria is a perfect complement in the quest for all-round health and immunity.

Benefits of Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Tablets

  • 28 active ingredients
  • Formulated by leading experts in sports nutrition
  • Complete collection of vitamins and minerals 
  • Can help you achieve your vitamin and mineral recommended daily allowance

What is in Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Tablets?

Vitamin A (1600μg RE)

Helps to keep skin and muscle tissue healthy, and plays an important role in bone growth.

B Vitamins (B1, B2, B6 and B12)

Among many benefits, B Vitamins can contribute to regular energy yielding metabolism, normal functioning of the nervous system and helping to relieve tiredness and fatigue.

Niacin (32mg)

Niacin helps to convert the food you eat into energy, and aids healthy skin, blood cells and nervous system.

Pantothenic Acid (12mg)

Helps to convert the food you eat into energy, as well as make lipids (fats), neurotransmitters, steroid hormones and haemoglobin.  

Vitamin C (160mg)

Vitamin C is renowned for contributing to the healthy functioning of the immune system. Alongside this, Vitamin C contributes to the protection of cells against oxidative stress and can aid in the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin D3 (10mg) 

Vitamin D helps to maintain healthy bones and muscle function.

Vitamin E (24mg)

Vitamin E contributes to the protection of cells against oxidative stress. 

Vitamin K1 (75μg)

Vitamin K1 contributes to normal healthy blood clotting.

Biotin (100μg)

Biotin aids in the regular energy yielding metabolism and the regular functioning of the nervous system.

Folic Acid (400μg)

Folic Acid helps to normal amino acid synthesis as well as contributing to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Zinc (10mg)

Zinc helps to maintain healthy testosterone levels in the blood, as well as contributing to normal cognitive function and carbohydrate metabolism. 

Iron (28mg)

Iron is best known for aiding oxygen transport throughout the body, and the formation of red blood cells. 

Magnesium (150mg)

Magnesium contributes to protein synthesis and muscle function, in addition to helping to reduce tiredness and fatigue. 

Phosphorus (80mg) 

Phosphorus helps to protect bones and teeth.

Calcium (400mg)

Well known for helping to maintain bones and teeth, calcium also hosts a range of other benefits including helping the healthy functioning of enzymes.

Potassium (80mg) 

Potassium can balance fluids in the body and help to maintain a steady heartbeat and send nerve impulses. 

Iodine (300μg)

Iodine is part of the thyroid hormone, which helps to set body temperature and influence nerve and muscle function, reproduction and growth. 

Selenium (110μg)

Selenium acts as an antioxidant, neutralising unstable molecules that can damage cells, and can also help to regulate thyroid activity.

Copper (2mg)

Copper plays a crucial role in iron metabolism and helps to make red blood cells.

Manganese (4mg)

Managanese helps the regular formation of connective tissue and contributes to protecting oxidative stress.

Chromium (40μg)

Chromium enhances the activity of insulin and helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels, and is also needed to free energy from glucose. 

Molybdenum (50μg)

Molybdenum is part of several enzymes that help to break down substances in the body, including proteins. 

Boron 300μg

Boron is a vital trace metal that is required for the normal health and growth of the body. 


Nutrition  Per 2 tablets


Vitamin A 1600μg RE 200%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 2.2mg 200%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 2.8mg 200%
Niacin 32mg 200%
Pantothenic Acid 12mg 200%
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 2.8mg 200%
Vitamin B12 5μg 200%
Vitamin C 160mg 200%
Vitamin D3 10mg 200%
Vitamin E (d-α-TE) 24mg 200%
Vitamin K1 75μg 100%
Biotin 100μg 200%
Folic Acid 400μg 200%
Zinc 10mg 100%
Iron 28mg 200%
Magnesium  150mg 40%
Phosphorus  80mg 12%
Calcium 400mg 50%
Potassium 80mg 4%
Chloride 72mg **
Iodine 300μg 200%
Selenium 110μg 200%
Copper 2mg 200%
Manganese 4mg 200%
Chromium 40μg 100%
Molybdenum 50μg 100%
Boron 300μg **


*Recommended  daily allowance

** Recommended daily allowance not established 


  • It is reccomend to take up to two tablets per day, ideally with food.

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