Total Superfoods

    Total Superfoods is Nutriseed’s signature blend of some of the world’s most renowned superfoods, fuelling your goals and workouts with earth-grown nutrition. Ideal as your everyday health shake base, and what’s more, working out to just 99p per serving, it's cost-effective and convenient too.

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    Eleven Superfoods In One Package

    The perfect base for your shakes, with all the superfoods you’d need in a single scoop

    Earth-Grown Nutrition

    Nutriseed Total Superfoods is created with vegan-friendly, plant-based ingredients; just the way we like it.

    Easy And Affordable

    At under 99p per serving, Nutriseed Total Superfoods provides a cost-effective way to hit your health goals.

    Irresistibly delicious

    Rich cacao flavours combine with natural nutty undertones to make Nutriseed Total Superfoods genuinely tasty to consume.


    Healthy plant based nutrition!

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