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The Nutriseed philosophy is simple; every mouthful of food should be both health-giving and delicious. ...

For years we have been creating healthy foods. Although we loved nothing more than combining raw, healthy ingredients to make our own creations, we also
revelled in seeking what else was around. We went on a search far and wide for the best quality health foods, but unfortunately we ran into one of two common scenarios; either products were laden with hidden sugars, E numbers or additives; or products that were naturally healthy were just too damn expensive.

We knew that we could not compromise on either ingredient quality or price. So we set out to create Nutriseed; an online market place with a simple mission; to make healthy living easy and accessible for everyone.

The first product that we set out to reinvent was porridge, the holy grail of healthy breakfast cereals. Even some of the ‘healthiest’ cereals available in-store contained refined sugars, unhealthy fats and all sorts of nasty additives. We combined quality British Oats with some of our favourite all-natural health giving ingredients; chia seeds, goji berries, ground flaxseed and cranberries. Wholesome food, natural ingredients. Superfood Porridge was born, and we haven’t looked back since.


The Nutriseed philosophy is simple; every mouthful of food should be both health-giving and delicious. We created Nutriseed as we found that so many tasty foods contained nasty artificial additives. We only use natural, wholesome ingredients, without any nasties - if we are going to sell healthy foods, they may as well be the best damn quality health foods that we can find, right? That said, we also believe that a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t bust the bank; remember,healthy is not just for the wealthy.


All-natural, raw, non-GMO produce. Transparent and simple.

That’s the way we like it. And we believe that’s the way you get the best out of our Nutri-treats too. We genuinely care about our family of customers, and that’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that your experience with us is nothing short of a delight.

We’ll climb Everest, reach the Bay of Bengal and rebuild the Pyramids (if need be) because we’re not satisfied until you are. That’s the Nutriseed Way.

P.S. We might not seem it, but we’re a young start-up. So if you like what we’re doing, please show us some love and help spread the Nutriseed word. 

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