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6 Natural Tips To Build Stronger Joints Today

Whether you hit the gym 5 times a week, run marathons or simply enjoy a healthy level of exercise in your lifestyle, joint health contributes to the success of it all. Evolutionarily, as humans, our bodies are hard-wired to move and appreciate the exercise that we put it through.

If like lots of us you sit at a desk at work, over extended time our muscles begin to tighten, cartilage starts to wear thin and joints can become brittle. There are lots of ways to help this, and good form and correctly-sized weights are a good place to start.

However, aside from this here are 6 natural ways that you use today to help you build stronger joints.

  1. Stretching

We know that feeling. Gymwear is on, running shoes tied nice and tight, gym shaker bottle is full (Nutriseed Gym Shaker, of course) and you’re ready to jump straight in. But stop. Whether you are going for a light jog around the block, or weight training in a serious way, stretch before you begin. It helps to warm up your muscles, prevent stiffness and over time will increase your flexibility, which can make it more difficult for you to injure yourself during exercise. Just 5 minutes of stretching before your train is all you need for long-term benefits. 

  1. Go Barefoot

By going barefoot, it awakens balancing muscles in our feet that are little used when we wear shoes. Walking or running in bare feet or in minimalist shoes can help your walking and running form, increase your balance and over time, ease joint pain.

  1. Walk Whenever You Can

The act of walking compresses and decompresses both knee and ankle joints, and sends nutrients to your cartilage that keep it elastic. We have mentioned these elsewhere on this blog, but simple tips like always taking the stairs, parking at the back of the car park and getting off a bus or train a stop early can all help you to walk more each day.

  1. Strengthen Your Core

If you train regularly, you already likely to focus in some way on activities that involve your core. Having strong muscles in your chest, back and abdomen, will not only support other muscles that you are training but also help to improve balance and prevent falls that can damage joints.

  1. Cod Liver Oil

Scientific studies suggest that omega-3 fatty acids cod liver oil can halt the inflammation and destruction of joint cartilage, which can prevent joint pain, and lubricate healthy ones. Nutriseed Cod Liver Oil Capsules (1000mg) are available here.

  1. Sit less

Whether it is while you are working or relaxing, sitting can reduce blood flow, and prevent important nutrients reaching your joints, and in particular is bad for your hips, knees and back. (This is why on long-haul flights you are encouraged to move around and stretch). Taking a quick break from your desk every hour or two can help at work, and if you work from home you can opt for a standing desk. Finally, when commuting, if you are privileged enough to get a seat on public transport, opting out of this each day can also help.

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