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Bee Pollen, All-Natural & Gluten Free

  • One of the only complete superfoods
  • Rich in protein (15g per 100g)
  • Packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids

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  • One of the only complete superfoods
  • Rich in protein (15g per 100g)
  • Packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids

What is Bee Pollen?
Bee Pollen is considered to be one of the most complete superfoods on the planet -  and for good reason. These tiny golden-coloured granules are gathered by bees whilst collecting nectar, and are sweet to the taste. 

Bee Pollen contains nearly all the nutrients required for the human body.  And that’s no mean feat…  Rich in protein (15g per 100g serving), vitamins (inclusive of B-complex), minerals, amino acids and fatty acids, making it the perfect addition to your morning smoothie.

What are the benefits of Bee Pollen?

  • Packed full of protein (15g per 100g serving)
  • Contains nearly all the nutrients required by the human body
  • Gluten free
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • High in healthy fats
  • High in vitamins and minerals

    How to Enjoy Bee Pollen

    • Blend into healthy smoothies and shakes
    • Add into yoghurts and porridge
    • Garnish healthy bakes
    • Bake into protein bars 

    What’s Inside?
    100% pure Bee Pollen, with no additional ingredients at all.

    Freshly Hand-Packed To Order
    Each bag of Bee Pollen is hand-packed, hand-sealed and hand-stamped for maximum freshness in our iconic re-sealable, foil-lined bags.

    Where is Bee Pollen Sourced from?
    Nutriseed Bee Pollen is sourced from Spain, a country revered for the outstanding quality and unique aroma of its Bee Pollen.  Beekeeping has been a long-held tradition in Spain - the bees and surroundings are treated with the greatest respect, ensuring first-class quality and nutritional density. 

    Support Local Farming Communities
    At Nutriseed we always seek to support local farming communities that use sustainable farming techniques.  We believe in supporting these communities to flourish whilst protecting their natural environment.

          Energy kJ / Kcal  1607/381
          Carbohydrate 62.1
          of which sugars 45.1
          Fat 6.1
          of which saturates 2.3
          Fibre 8.4
          Protein 15.2
          Salt <0.1


          Country of origin: Spain

          Allergen Information

          Not recommended for those with allergies to pollen, pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding. Bee pollen may cause increased bleeding if taken with certain blood thinners like warfarin. Check with your doctor before taking bee pollen if you take any medications.

          • Sprinkle on top of some natural yoghurt or ice cream
          • Combine into smoothies
          • Combine with some fruit for a morning pick-me-up
          • Use with salads, fruits and pasta dishes as a topper  

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