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7 Healthy Tips to Make 2018 Yours

1. Set your goals
When embarking on any new lifestyle change it is critical that you set achievable goals. When you put in the hard work, it is difficult to define success without firstly stating your best possible expectations? Whether you are looking to shift some pounds, achieve a certain image or even reach a certain weight that you can lift, agreeing on your goals beforehand helps to define success, and keeps your eye on the prize.

2. Ditch the white carbs and sugar
Looking to lose weight and have more energy? Cutting out white foods such as bread, white rice, pasta and sugar is one of the quickest ways to improve your weight, health and wellbeing, as these primarily consist refined carbs and empty calories.

3. Get a routine and stick to it
A healthy lifestyle is not about temporary fixes and fad diets. It’s about creating a sustainable routine, both in your nutritional intake and exercise, and sticking to it. Getting your body into a consistent routine that works for you is one of the keys to reaching where you want to go.

4. Keep hydrated
We're sure you’ve heard it before, we're going to say it again: drinking enough water is imperative to staying healthy. It boosts your metabolism, helps you to stay energised and thinking clearly. If you are training it is even more important. There are mixed views on how much water to drink each day - we recommend a minimum of between 2-3 litres.

5. Sleep well
Not only is getting good quality sleep each night paramount for doing your best at work, it also has a direct effect on your health. Not getting optimum quality sleep (at least eight hours each night) has been shown to speed up the ageing process and deter against your weight loss efforts too (as your body craves carbohydrates when tired).
Sleeping well each night should be considered an integral component of your weight
loss efforts.

6. Focus on nutrients
Our bodies and in particular our brains, crave nutrients not calories, which means that if your nutrient intake isn’t up to speed, your brain will crave more food until it is. This is one one of the physiological reasons for overeating. Empty calories from the white foods mentioned above and processed foods don’t contribute to this, but add significant calories. For a sustainably healthy lifestyle, focus on the goodness in the nutrients and vitamins to fuel your body for success.

7. Get social
Having a network of people supporting you on your healthy journey can be hugely beneficial to spur you on to reach what you’re after. Some days we are just not feeling it, and it can be only too easy to break away. Having someone, or a social group to keep you on track and focused may be just what you need. It’s incredible how much you can learn from others supporting you, so find someone to train with, find online groups to share Ideas and attend healthy events. The Nutriseed Facebook page is a forum where you can access such support for further information click here.

With the right mind set knowledge and focus you can make this year yours.

With the right mind-set, knowledge and focus you can achieve where you want to go.
Make this year yours.

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