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Guest Blog: Vegan Chocolate Protein Dip

Fresh in this week is a guest blog from one of our Nutri Fans, Sara Matharu. Sara got in touch with this awesome Superfood Chocolate Protein Dip. Here’s the lowdown:

Vegan? Check!

High in protein? Check!

Gluten-free? Check!

Filled with superfood goodies? Check!

Scrumptiously Chocolatey? Check! 

It’s perfect as a spread, goes great with our Superfood Porridge or granola, and ideal for dipping fruit into. It also makes for a perfect homemade (and healthier version) of a popular chocolatey spread that we’d rather not name but rhymes with ‘umbrella’.

Tempted? Go on, give it a try…

Go grab yourself: 

You ready? Here goes…

  • There’s a little overnight prep for this one. The night before, cover the chopped dates with freshly boiled water. Leave to plump and soften.
  • The following day, transfer the dates and the soaking liquid to a food processor. 
  • Next, add the drained rinsed beans, almond butter, Nutriseed Raw Cocoa Powder, vanilla extract, almond milk, Nutriseed Maca Root Powder,cinnamon, salt and Nutriseed Raspberry Powder.
  • Blend until completely smooth, adding more milk if you its too thick. 
  • Refrigerate for at least an hour to allow flavours to blend together.

Serving suggestions:

  • Use as a dip for apple slices or fresh berries
  • Swirl on top of your Nutriseed Superfood Porridge (or Nutriseed Porridge Oats)
  • Spread onto rye crackers or toast and top with fresh fruit
  • Mix it all up with granola, chopped banana and a splash of almond milk
  • Add a few generous tbsp. to your smoothie
  • Or simply be cheeky and eat with a spoon!

Have your own recipes? We'd love to hear about them! Send them over to and if we use them, you will be entered into our monthly draw to win your very own very own Nutri-Megabox!


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