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9 Incredible Things That Happen When You Swap Table Salt For Himalayan Rock Salt

Salt is a staple in any kitchen and dinner table as it adds another layer of flavour to any dish. But more than what it does to the palate, salt also provides our bodies with minerals that we need on a regular basis. We need salt to help maintain good bone mass, the right circulation and steady blood sugar levels. 

A lot of consumers nowadays are looking for more natural substitutes to make sure their health is looked after without sacrificing the tastiness of what they’re putting on the table. A more viable alternative to regular table salt is Himalayan rock salt.

Here are some of the good things that happen to you and your body when you make the switch from table salt to Himalayan Rock Salt:  

  1. Table salt usually has been treated with anti-caking agents and other chemicals that our bodies don’t need. Himalayan rock salt, on the other hand, is brought farm-to-table, so to speak.So, you get the raw flavours and the natural minerals your body requires without the unnecessary chemicals which over time could pose health risks. 
  2. Along with sodium, Himalayan salt has high quantities of phosphorous, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, bromine, zirconium and iodine. Again,these are delivered to you in its purest form so your body can enjoy all the health benefits without the additives. 

  3. High consumption of sodium can trigger high blood pressure because your body is working overtime flushing out the toxins to keep it from reaching your heart. Himalayan rock salt helps your body flush out the toxins! 

  4. It’s a natural antihistamine. Yes, you read it right! With regular (and moderate!) intake of Himalayan rock salt, you can bid your over-the-counter, drowsiness-inducing allergy medications farewell.

  5. You can say goodbye to multi-coloured energy drinks! Water mixed with Himalayan rock salt can be a good source of electrolytes to keep your body hydrated.  
  6. The natural contents of Himalayan rock salt also help provide your body with cortisol and adrenaline to combat stress hormones and promote fitful sleep. 

  7. Because Himalayan rock salt provides an organic ionic solution, it also helps balance your blood pressure! 

  8. Himalayan rock salt also helps boost the creation of digestive enzymes and juices that allow us to extricate and incorporate other vitamins and nutrients from the food we eat.

  9. It can also help you lose weight by curbing cravings, controlling your appetite, improve digestion and detoxification! 

If used diligently, Himalayan rock salt can give you a long list of other health benefits your body is guaranteed to thank you for. As in all things, moderation is key in making sure your body enjoys the benefits. Maintaining an active lifestyle also helps a lot as well as making sure your body gets all the rest it needs.  

Consider all the benefits and think about it. Today might be the day to make that switch!  

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