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Wheatgrass Powder - New Zealand

  • Weight loss aid
  • Makes your skin glow
  • Detox your body
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  • Weight loss aid
  • Makes your skin glow
  • Detox your body

Discover Nutriseed Wheatgrass Powder, Nature’s Whole Body Cleanser
Rejuvenate and cleanse your body, and achieve the balance you need with Nutriseed Wheatgrass Powder. Promoting weight loss and giving your skin that extra glowing radiance, nature’s number one alkalizer, Wheatgrass, can now be enjoyed outside of the city’s trendiest juice bars. Nutriseed Wheatgrass is the go-to ingredient for anyone looking to boost energy levels and cleanse the body.

Learn how a daily dose of Wheatgrass can:

  • Give your body the cleanse you need
  • Boost your energy, stamina and endurance
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Give your skin that extra glow
  • Lose weight and curb food cravings

Learn Why Thousands Are Enjoying Wheatgrass Powder Every Day...

  • Give your body the cleanse you needRich in antioxidants, Nutriseed Wheatgrass helps protect healthy liver function which aids in natural detoxification of the body. Also improving digestion, Wheatgrass helps eliminate harmful bacterias from the body, leaving you feeling healthier and more energised.
  • Boost your energy, stamina and enduranceSprouts such as Wheatgrass are considered complete foods because they contain essential nutrients, alongside important enzymes needed to assimilate them. This means nutrients enter the bloodstream quickly, providing an immediate boost in energy levels, leaving you feeling refreshed throughout the day.
  • Strengthen your immune systemContaining high levels of chlorophyll, Wheatgrass acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, fighting harmful toxins in the body. By promoting healthy intestinal flora Wheatgrass also acts to encourage optimal digestion, paramount to a well-functioning immune system.
  • Give your skin that extra glowAside from containing high levels of skin-enhancing antioxidants, Wheatgrass also makes an excellent source of iron and vitamins leaving skin looking fresher, firmer and younger
  • Lose weight and curb food cravingsWheatgrass has been hailed as a powerful appetite suppressant. Food cravings are often a result of our bodies lacking certain nutrients. By flooding the body with so many much-needed nutrients, Nutriseed Wheatgrass can help curb unnecessary food cravings.

What’s Inside?
100% pure Wheatgrass. No other ingredients at all.

Nutriseed Wheatgrass is also of course:

  • Vegan-friendly  
  • Gluten free 
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Rich in anti-oxidants 

Freshly Hand-Packed To Order
Each bag of Nutriseed Organic Wheatgrass is hand-packed, hand-sealed and hand-stamped for maximum freshness in our iconic re-sealable, foil-lined bags.

How to Enjoy Wheatgrass

  • Smoothies and shakes
  • Taken as a daily shot
  • Be creative! Wheatgrass Powder can be used to make all sorts of healthy snacks,including ice lollies, healthy bakes and more!

Where is Nutriseed Wheatgrass Sourced From?
Nutriseed Wheatgrass is sourced from New Zealand, well regarded for producing some of the most nutritious Wheatgrass on the planet. The pure pristine countryside of New Zealand provides the perfect environment for top-quality and nutritionally dense Wheatgrass. 

Energy kJ / Kcal  1080/261
Fat 1.3g
of which saturates 0.2g
Carbohydrate 16.9g
of which sugars 4.3g
Fibre 53.1g
Protein 19g
Salt 0.3g 

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