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6 Reasons to Exercise While Pregnant


It's a time of great anticipation and joy but any woman who's ever been pregnant knows that it can be a challenging period as well. A woman has to be at her strongest, physically, to be able to carry around the baby's weight with her. Since the baby will also be sharing in the mother's nutrientsshe will need to be in good health as well 
The key is to stay active and once a mum-to-be finds an exercise routine that she can stick to, it'll be a huge amount of relief. If you're still not convinced, Nutriseed takes a closer look at the many ways you and your baby can benefit from exercising while carrying your infant to term:  

1. Shorter Labour & Easy Delivery 
Trust in the wisdom of the elders. Women who have given birth can attest that an active lifestyle has contributed to their shorter labour and easy delivery of the baby. This is because exercise makes your muscles stronger and builds up your stamina and endurance 

2. Natural Birth
Studies have proven that exercising while you’re pregnant may lessen the chances of a C-section and forceps delivery. This is because the baby won't grow to be too big to make a normal delivery impossible. Regular exercise may also help lower the risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a condition that occurs in pregnant women whose blood pressure is usually normal. Their blood pressure shoots up, causing the body to manifest signs of damage to the kidneys or liver.  

3. Energy & Mood Boost
Pregnancy can be stressful and the hormones in your body may make you more emotional and vulnerable to mood swings. Exercise can help boost the release of endorphins to lift your spirits and inspire you to get busy. Yoga relaxation techniques may also help make you manage your moods and be more clear-minded.  

4. Sleep Better
Finding a position that you can sleep in can be a challenge when you’re pregnant. You’re just so uncomfortable and achy all over. Exercising can set your body up for rest and make sleeping at any position easier.  

5. Fight Discomfort
Regular exercising helps reduce constipation as well as headaches, bloating and swelling while you’re pregnant. You may also find relief from pelvic pain and backaches. 

6. Bounce Back Faster
Getting back in shape will be far easier since you were never really out of shape at all. Continuous exercising after giving birth will help you lose the pregnancy weight you gained a lot faster while keeping your muscles toned and your bones strong. 

There is no better joy in this world than the gift of life. You will not be able to fully nurture that life though if you don’t take care of yourself first. Taking care of yourself begins with an exercise routine teamed with a fitness plan and balanced diet. Exercising will not only make you a healthier, happier, more physically fit mother. It will also pave the way for a better quality of life.  

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