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The 60-Day Juice Fast

In 2005, Joe Cross, an Australian entrepreneur weighed 22 stone (140kg), and suffered from chronic urticaria; an autoimmune condition that translates into a constant bodily skin rash. His diet consisted mainly of processed foods, and he was a regular drinker and smoker. For years Cross took traditional medication and tried various diets to combat his condition, but nothing seemed to give him the help he so desperately needed. Doctors informed Cross that he would die early should he not change his lifestyle.

Cross embarked on a 60-day juice cleanse – consuming nothing but cold-pressed juices for the duration of this period. The results were staggering. After the 60 days, he lost 100 pounds (45kg) and a reported complete loss of his uticaria symptoms.

Lucky for us, Cross documented his experience in a film called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, where he takes you on the journey through all of the stages of his experience. We encourage anyone with an interest in health and wellbeing to watch this (link below); it demonstrates how changing a diet can have life-changing consequences for the better.



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