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The only breakfast bowl you are ever going to need...

Howdy! To give you a solid Nutri-Kick to start the week, we’ve been busy in the Nutriseed Kitchen and have put together this scrumptious smoothie bowl recipe. Now we know you’re going to love this one – packed to the brim with our very own goji berries, chia seeds and cocoa powder, along with fresh fruit and nuts, look no further for one kick-ass brekkie.

It’s pretty simple too…

Here are the ingredients that you are going to need…

-1 tbsp. cocoa powder

-1 tbsp. chia seeds

-2 tbsp. goji berries

-1 cup hazelnuts (plus extra for toppings)

-200ml coconut milk

-1 sliced banana

-handful coconut flakes

-1 tsp. sesame Seed

-2 squares dark chocolate

-Handful of ice

-1 cup blueberries


And here’s how you do it…

-Add half the hazelnuts in to your food processor with 1 tbsp. coconut milk, and blend until smooth.

-Add the rest of the coconut milk, ice, cocoa powder, chia seeds, blueberries, and half of the banana into the blender and blend until all the ingredients are combined.

-Pour the mixture into a bowl, grate the dark chocolate, sprinkle the sesame seeds & chia seed, add the other half of the banana, the goji berries, the coconut flakes and a few more hazelnuts on top of the smoothie bowl.

-Grab a spoon and dig in!


Have your own recipes? We'd love to hear about them! Send them over to and if we use them, you could be in for your very own Nutri-Megabox worth £200!

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