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Learn The Secret Of Spirulina

Spirulina Powder, the blue-green microalgae that is one of the oldest life forms on Earth, has been praised as being one of the most nutrient-rich foods available on the planet. Its nutritional prowess can help to curb food cravings, leaving you feeling nourished, energised and focused on achieving your goals.

It has been used since the 1400’s, is a staple in many athletes daily diet and is even a known as an essential food for NASA astronauts. Here are the benefits you will receive by including this powerful superfood in your diet:

  1. Lose weight and curb food cravings

As Nutriseed Organic Spirulina Powder contains over 65% protein content, this can slow down the digestion process, alleviate your appetite and help you to feel full. Often when we feel hungry, it is our bodies telling us that it we need nutrients. Because Spirulina is so strong in essential nutrients that our bodies crave, consuming it can reduce hunger and cravings for food.

     2. Boost your energy, stamina and endurance

Improve your workout and achieve the results that you deserve with a little help from Spirulina. Because it is is a ‘complete’ protein, it contains all essential amino acids, even those not already produced by the body. Spirulina is also extremely rich in iron, which promotes oxygen circulation round the body, alleviating fatigue. This has been proven to aid athletic performance, and is one of the reasons athletes around world routinely take Spirulina as part of their diet.

     3. Detox your body

The extremely high level of antioxidants contained within Spirulina, can combat the effects of free radicals and heavy metals in the body, aiding liver health, and promoting strong immune and nervous systems.

     4. Supports brain function and helps you to remain focussed

Spirulina can protect the brain from free-radical damage, by increasing the activity of two particular enzymes, which are far more powerful than regular antioxidants. It is these can help you to remain focussed, and even make the brain more resistant to aging.

    5. Boost your heart health

Spirulina is rich in thiamine, an essential B Vitamin that works to keep your heart healthy, which combined with the antioxidants present can help to prevent unwanted disease.

    6. Make your skin glow

The vast array of nutrients found within Spirulina, such as all eight essential amino acids, and the high concentration of antioxidants makes it the perfect ingredient to make your skin healthy, clear and glowing. Free radicals are responsible for a range of skin ailments (they oxidise substances such as proteins, which are in effect chemical burns, harming the cells). Antioxidants combat this by eliminating toxins and increasing skin metabolism, boosting recovery and healing.

    7. Boost immunity

Studies have found that Spirulina can enhance immune system function, helping to prevent viral infections. It can increase the number of white blood cells in the body, which produce antibodies that can protect your body from harmful bacteria.


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