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7 Natural Remedies To Ease Sunburn

The sun is a funny old thing isn’t it? It is the fuel of this beautiful planet of ours, creates idyllic scenery the world over and has a number of health benefits. (Due to being so important for Vitamin D production and hormone balance, amongst others). 

Whilst carefully controlled exposure to the sun can be very beneficial, sunburn is extremely damaging and should be avoided at all costs. When bathing in the sun always exercise caution.

If after being out in the sun your skin begins to turn a little pink, get into the shade immediately and try these natural remedies:

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a natural substance from the inside of the cactus plant, and is used the world over to ease discomfort, moisturise the skin and speed up healing. If you are lucky enough to be somewhere where it grows, (which includes the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, as well as Sudan, Canary, Cape Verde, and Madeira Islands, and many more), simply split the plant and apply the sap directly to the affected area. If this isn’t an option, most pharmacies around the world are likely to stock bottles of pure aloe vera gel, which unsurprisingly is used in exactly the same way.


Milk is not only for tea and coffee. Soaking a cloth or tea towel in milk and applying it the affected area will help to reduce heat and ease discomfort by creating a protein film that sits over the area, protecting it.


Similar to any kind of burn, sunburn dehydrates the skin. Just as it is of paramount importance to keep hydrated and drink lots of water when you are in the sun, it is just as critical to the recovery process. If you are healing sunburn drink more water than you would usually, and drinking herbal teas and kombucha can help too.

Porridge Oats

Porridge oats are known to have anti-inflammatory properties, that when used effectively can aid in easing sunburn. Simply take a cup of Nutriseed Porridge Oats, and pulverise them in a food processor, so that they are a smooth, fine-powdered consistency. Add this to a bath of tepid, lukewarm water and soak. Nutriseed Porridge Oats are available here.


Coconut Oil

Pure coconut oil has risen to prominence recently, for lots of reasons, but partly due to it being a solid skin hydrator and moisturiser. It soothes the skin and tightens it to prevent lasting damage, such as wrinkles. Simply apply Nutriseed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil generously to the affected area, and leave overnight. A great tip is to mix it in equal parts together with aloe vera gel to get the best of both worlds. Nutriseed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is available here. 

Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar; another gem in the nutritional world, (namely due to its content of acetic acid), which just so happens to help to alleviate pain, inflammation and itching. Simply pour a cup of white apple cider vinegar into a bath of cool, tepid water and soak.

Essential Oils

Various essential oils have been known to reduce the redness and sting of burns. With their antimicrobial properties, oils including lavender and peppermint are said to increase the speediness of healing allowing your body a swift recovery. Mix a couple of oils in a bottle of water and give the area a quick spritz every now and then throughout the day. 

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