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7 Simple Ways To Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Do you suffer from the Winter blues? If so, you are not alone. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is more than feeling a little down; and its more common than you might think. It is a clinical condition and affects almost two million people in the UK alone.

A form of depression, SAD is brought on by the changing seasonal weather conditions. As Winter comes in, the lack of natural daylight and sunlight, and therefore Vitamin D affects our mood, energy and the way we feel, even if we don’t know it. Sound a little like you?

Now as much as we’d love to, we can’t all swan off the to The Bahamas as soon as it starts to get dark at 5pm. So here are 7 ways that you can beat the Winter blues starting today:

  1. Increase your Omega-3 levels through fish oils

Omega-3 has been shown to drastically decrease the effects of SAD as it aids in relieving the general symptoms of anxiety. Great sources of Omega-3 can be found in the form of mackerel, tuna, anchovies and salmon. High-end quality fish is great, but can be quite expensive and inconvenient, if you want to enjoy the benefits every day. That’s why for many top quality supplements are the answer. Nutriseed Krill Oil Capsules can be found here, and Nutriseed Cod Liver Oil Capsules here.

  1. Eat lots of veggies

We’ve all been told that we require at least 5 portions of fruit and veggies a day to be healthy. The natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in these are not only vital for a healthy diet, but for your positivity too. Your body will feel good, and which will help your mind to too. If you feel the effects of SAD, by including lots of leafy greens, nuts, fruits and unprocessed foods, your body will thank you for it, helping to combat the Winter blues. The Nutriseed Nut Collection can be found here, and Nutriseed Fruit & Vegetable Powder here.

  1. Get the exercise your body craves

Including a decent amount of exercise in your lifestyle is widely known as helping to combat feeling down. Performing cardio exercises or weight training helps to release serotonin and endorphins that will help to increase your feeling of wellbeing. Combining this with fresh air and achieving new goals in the gym will do wonders for positivity, and your body will of course thank you too. To know what an ideal workout week looks like click here.

  1. Get the ZZZ’s you need

Getting the adequate sleep you need every night is essential for optimal health, as well as your mental health. Poor sleep and insomnia are classic signs of depression, and so you want to ensure you that you set yourself up with the perfect conditions to maximise your sleep. Create a routine and stick to it, do what you can to make your bed comfortable and your room the right temperature and avoid sleep prevention that can be caused by caffeine, sugar and processed foods. 

  1. Keep your raw dairy intake up

If not on a vegan diet, ensure that you are filling your diet with lots of milk, yoghurt, raw cheese and kefir. This will ensure a strong bones and moreover a healthy immune system, which in turn will help to combat SAD.

  1. Supplement with Vitamin D

Although clearly natural forms of Vitamin D, primarily from the sun, are best (which to the purpose of this article, are not always attainable), supplementing with Vitamin D is not to be sniffed at. This plays a huge role in mood regulation, not to mention a combat against cold and flu.

  1. Get some ‘sun’

Natural sunshine is one of the key sources of Vitamin D available to us, and during the winter months, this isn’t always easily attainable. For those of us unable to reach the Caribbean over the festive period another option is a ‘light box’, or also known as a ‘SAD lamp’. This is a form of therapy involving a lamp emitting artificial sunshine, which raises the levels of Vitamin D in the system. Although never as beneficial as the real deal, its effects have been highly commended.

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