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7 Ways You Can Improve Your Sleep & Enjoy More Energy

Each and every day members of the Nutriseed community get in touch requesting information on how best to get good quality sleep.

We all know that a decent night’s shut-eye is hugely important for our health as it effects all parts of our bodies, from our muscle growth to brain function and blood flow. Moreover, having the right amount of energy each day also sets you up to achieve, whether it be at work, in the gym or simply in life in general. In effect, sleep helps you to own your goals.

We have therefore put this all together for you, with tips that you can use starting today:

  1. Put away your screens

Smart technology is with us and shows no signs of leaving. This is no bad thing, however the blue light emitted from smartphones, tablets and laptops has been proven to slow down the production of melatonin (the hormone that helps us sleep). So at least an hour before bed, close your screens (your Instagram feed and Candy Crush levels will still be there in the morning).

2. Exit the espresso

    If you’re having trouble sleeping, it is strongly advised to reduce, or even eliminate caffeine from your diet. At the very best, cease intake of caffeine 6 hours before bedtime. After a couple of days being caffeine free, you should experience a boost in energy and more clarity of thought.

    1. Avoid refined sugars

    Like caffeine, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners give you a quick boost of energy, followed by a ‘crash’, leaving you feeling more tired and lethargic than before. Eliminating these from your diet is not only a healthier way to eat and live, but also directly effects sleep.

    1. Create a schedule

    In order to get your body habituated to going to bed and waking up at certain times, set a strict schedule of times to go to bed and times to get up, regardless of whether it is required that day. It may be a little bit of tough love, but getting acquainted with a specific routine will be golden in the long-run.

    1. Keep cool

    Cool, but not cold. Keeping your bedroom to a cool temperature of around 18C°, research suggests, is best for sleep. 

    1. Work out


    Although we know that a huge number of you train on a regular basis, if you don’t, adding it to your daily routine can significantly improve sleep. It can provide a boost to your circadian rhythms, aid with anxiety and depression (which interferes with sleep) and provide physiological boosts to sleep itself. 

    1. Cut the Clutter

    It has been scientifically proven that most people find it psychologically easier to relax in a clear space, free of clutter and other distractions, and so clean and minimalist is the way to go.

    Top Nutriseed Products To Aid Sleep & Improve Energy

    Similar to Ashwagandha, Maca’s adaptogenic qualities mean that it can help you to deal with stress, providing energy when you are low, and calming effects when stress is high, whilst also helping to balance hormones in both men and women.

    Containing high levels of tryptophan, pumpkin seeds work wonders as nature’s very own sleep aid.  These amino acids also have a relaxing effect on the brain, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. 

    The Nutriseed Green Blend is the perfect morning boost you need to make the most of your day. Filled with your 5-a-day in a single scoop it provides nutrient-rich Earth-grown nutrition leaving ready and full of energy to tackle the day ahead.

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